Cloud 9 As a Blog Editor

I had a Travis CI setup for publishing this blog. That means that I can write and publish articles anywhere through GitHub’s Web UI. It is satisfying to see Travis does the duty for me. I’m loving it.

Here is an itch: The Web UI is decent but not great. It is designed for quick fixes, not for full editing.

I’m sorry to say that you do not have to crack your own itch though: Cloud 9 is the “full” editing environment we’ve wanted. This one is amazing! (I’m writing on the C9 IDE at this moment.) You can clone your repo into the cloud. You have fully featured text editor with powerful shortcuts to make changes. There is even the Markdown preview feature! What else do you want?

With GitHub, Travis, S3 and C9, we finally have a cloud powered, lock-in free blogging platform. Your drafts are in plain Markdown files and stored in your git repo. No burden to export them or back them up. You can always swtich to local filesystem and your favorite text editor. You can run the tool by yourself and upload the result HTML to your server if you want. What these dependent services offer is just a way to automate it. This is so pleasing.

The itch is gone. What should I do then? Write a lot! … or do it as many as I like.