This is Hajime Morrita, a programmer in San Francisco Bay Area. I’m working at Google, used to write some code for a Web browser called Chrome and its rendering engine Blink. As getting tired of C++, I’ve switched to a Java developer and have been working on Android version of Play Books e-reader.

Before joining Google, I was working on some small and not-so-small Tokyo based companies on various areas.

On the Web, I’m using @omo on GitHub and @omo2009 on Twitter.

I maintain this flakiness.es to publish some writings. If you can read Japanese, you might want to skim my another blog, which is written in the exotic language.

Here is a disclaimer: This blog does not reflect my current or previous employer’s views and opinions. And here is a credit: The background image on the top of the page is borrowed from John Tann’s collection.